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Why Vivinal® GOS?

We are proud that Vivinal® GOS is the most widely used oligosaccharide ingredient in infant nutrition throughout the world. Since its introduction in 2000, more than 160 million babies worldwide have been nourished with infant formula containing Vivinal® GOS.

Why Vivinal® GOS from FrieslandCampina Domo?

  • Proven track record: more than 15 years history of safe use
  • Domo is the leading supplier of GOS on a global scale
  • Domo is the only GOS manufacturer with infant formula standards
  • Vivinal® GOS is trusted by the major producers of infant nutrition
  • Several scientific studies have shown positive effects of infant formula with Vivinal® GOS, which can be found in our Library
  • Quality control of the full supply chain: from fresh milk delivered by FrieslandCampina farmers to the final product
  • Cost efficient production and large production capacity
  • Contingency with two production sites in Europe and Australia
  • The enzyme used for production of GOS is a non-GMO and is present in nature
  • Wide product range for wet and dry blend applications
  • Vivinal® GOS has GRAS status: notification 2008, notification 2014
  • Vivinal® GOS range is Halal certified and we are able to produce Kosher Vivinal® GOS
  • Different packaging forms available including bulk
  • Next to regulatory support Domo provides its customers (upon request) a wide variety of analyses such as in-depth analysis of GOS fraction and GOS analysis of the end product

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