Vivinal® GOS
Prebiotic* ingredient derived from milk

Parents naturally want to offer their children the best available nutrition in order to help them grow strong and healthy. Oligosaccharides are a vitally important component of human milk1, not present in cow’s milk1. In order to reach the desired levels of oligosaccharides in infant formula, Domo developed Vivinal® GOS.

Vivinal® GOS in infant nutrition

Vivinal® GOS is an ideal oligosaccharide ingredient for use in the production of infant formula (IF), follow-on formula (FOF) and growing-up milk (GUM).

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What is Vivinal® GOS?

Vivinal® GOS is the most widely used prebiotic* ingredient for infant nutrition in the world. It contains non-digestible galacto-oligosaccharides.

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Why Vivinal® GOS?

Since its introduction in 2000, more than 160 million babies worldwide have been nourished with infant formula containing Vivinal® GOS.

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